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Meet The Samsel's

Kevin and Cynthias wedding
Vacation photo of the Inn owners
Current photo of the Inn owners

Kevin and Cynthia Samsel relocated from California to Lees Summit, Missouri in 2017. They married in Northern California and spent their honeymoon at a Bed and Breakfast on the Oregon Coast. They enjoyed it so much, they made it a tradition to visit other Inns for their anniversaries and dreamed about operating a B&B themselves someday. 

Chef Cynthia has worked in restaurants, taught cooking at culinary centers, and owned Classic Catering in Northern California. Chef Cynthia provided catering for movie sets Jim Carrey's "The Majestic", Jake Gilenthals "Source Code", Project Runway, and The Malibu Spirit Awards with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urbin. She also catered to many music celebrities in her eight years with Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco, such as Prince, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and Dianna Ross. With a Fine Arts degree, Cynthia has blended her tallents for creating visual and edible art. 

Kevin retired from his 20-year career as a public employee. He started his handyman business after relocating to Missouri and enjoys doing a variety of projects. Kevin also has a full time job of maintaining The Historic Browning!

Kevin and Cynthia have two adult children and five grandchildren. They hosted college-aged international exchange students in their home for over 20 years. They have enjoyed travels visiting many of their former students and their families, enabling Cynthia to further her international culinary expertise and developing her style of world fusion cuisine.
Kevin and Cynthia enjoy sharing the gift of hospitality and look forward to the next phase of their lives as the hosts of The Historic Browning.