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History of Browning B&B in Lee's Summit, MO
History of Browning B&B in Lee's Summit, MO

Elijah T. Browning and Willis Duncan came to Lee’s Summit in 1888. They opened a small stock of merchandise in a one-room store known as Browning and Duncan’s; then only as Brownings after Duncan sold his share. They sold dry goods, notions, boots, and clothes to townspeople and farm families from miles around.

Elijah T. Browning built his family home in 1889, which is now the Historic Browning. The original family had three homes located on that corner, known as Browning Row. Only the main house, home to the Browning Bed & Breakfast, had a kitchen because the family patriarch wanted his family to come to his house to dine. The Browning Family was extremely prominent in the Lee’s Summit community and all three homes are on the National Register of Historic Places.

*Information provided by “History of Lee’s Summit, Missouri," the Lee’s Summit Historical Society and the Lee’s Summit Tribune.