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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you allow children?
We DO allow children onsite.

However, we find the guest house is best equipped for children over the age of 5.  We do not have standard child amenities (i.e. pack n' plays, roll-away beds) and are not equipped with childhood safety features (cabinet locks, cord protectors, etc.)  Children under 5 need to be monitored closely to guarantee everyone stays safe.

Do you allow pets?
We are a pet-free guest house.  We love furry friends, so if you need a recommendation on boarding, we are happy to provide it.

Do you allow smoking on property?
We are a smoke-free guest house.  You may smoke outside on the deck or patio area.  

If you smoke inside or damage property because of smoking, there will be a $250 cleaning fee as well as fully covering all damages.

Is my 50% deposit refundable if I cancel my reservation?
Your 50% deposit is refundable 30 days prior to check-in.

If you cancel less than 15 days prior to your check in,you will be responsible for the full balance of your room.

May I have events onsite during my stay?
You may NOT have an event onsite during your visit to the guest house without paying our event fee. 

To make sure your event is supported, we require a Browning staff person onsite which is why we include an event fee.

An event is having a party, gathering (even family gatherings), baby shower, etc. with guests that are not included in your guest count (up to 8).

If you would like to host an event onsite we'd love to have you: please see event pricing.

Can I use the bridal suite during my stay for hair & makeup?
No.  Bridal Suite usage is reserved exclusively for our wedding packages only.  We create a very special experience for these special events!

Unauthorized usage of the bridal suite during a regular guest stay, will result in a rental fee that will be charged to your credit card.

If you want to rent our bridal suite, please check out our wedding packages here

When is check-in & check-out?
Check in at 4:00 p.m. on the day of your scheduled arrival.  Check-out is at 11:00 a.m. on the day of your schedule departure.  If you require an early check-in or late check-out we will absolutely accommodate based on availability. However, we cannot guarantee an early check-in or a late check-out. Please contact the host for availability.

Can I get an early check-in or late check-out?
Early check-in and check-out are based on availability only. 

Do you have a minimum night stay?
We do not have a minimum night stay. 

Do you provide discounts on long-term stays?
We provide discounts on stays with a duration of 7 days or more only.

Do you rent the guest house out room by room?
Unfortunately no. You can only rent the full home.

Will you ever provide breakfast again?
We provide breakfast for our wedding parties only. However, if you are really missing the Browning breakfast, please reach out to the host for pricing information and availability during your stay.


Do you provide linens, towels & toiletries?
For each guest room, we provide the following:

-1 clean pair of linens
-2 hand towels
-2 bath towels
-2 wash cloths
-Shampoo crafted by Embers Candle Bar
-Conditioner crafted by Embers Candle Bar
-1 bar of soap crafted by Embers Candle Bar
-Lotion crafted by Embers Candle Bar

Do you provide coffee?
Do you like coffee-only with my oxygen.   We take coffee very seriously at the Historic Browning. We have a Keurig located in the kitchen that is fully stocked with Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee and a brewer onsite with Scotty P's breakfast blend. We also provide dry creamer, sugar & "to go" coffee cups.  Please note: we provide several k-cup pods for your stay.  If you need more k-cups than provided, please purchase your own.

Do you provide breakfast?
We do NOT provide breakfast at the guest house.  The one exception are our wedding packages.  However, you can upgrade your experience by buying our homemade donuts & coffee package.  The homemade donuts and coffee package comes with 12 signature Browning donuts and a package of Scotty P's Breakfast Blend Coffee.  There are several local restaurants & coffee shops within walking distance of the guest house as well.

Do you provide onsite parking? Is it free?
We do provide FREE onsite parking for up to 4 cars.  Please respect our neighbors and do NOT park in business lots. Violators could be towed at the owner's expense.

Do you have an iron or ironing board?
We do have irons and ironing boards on property for guest use.

Do you provide amenities for children?
We do NOT have amenities for children (i.e. pack n' play, cribs etc.)  You are welcome to bring these items if you need them.

Can we use the kitchen?
You are welcome to use the kitchen on property to prepare meals and store food items.  Our kitchen is stocked with basic items like plates, cups, frying pans etc.

Can we use the washer and dryer onsite?
No.  The washer and dryer are for guest house staff only.

Do you provide housekeeping during our stay?
No.  We do not provide housekeeping.

The guest house is beautifully cleaned prior to your arrival. 

Do you have hair dryers onsite?
Yes.  We have one hair dryer in each guest room.

Can we store items in your refrigerator?
Yes, you may store items in our refrigerator.

Is there free wifi?
Yes, we provide free wifi through google fiber.  The wireless password is available in all guest rooms on a chalkboard.

Even with google fiber, our house is historic and there are areas where wifi is spotty at times.  Wifi works best in the kitchen & dining room if you need workspace.

Do you have a TV in a main area of the house?

40 inch Smart TVs are only located in the following guest rooms: 1 king room & 2 queen rooms.

Do you provide sugar and creamer for coffee?
Yes, we provide sugar and creamer for your coffee at no additional cost.

Do you provide tea?
Yes we provide a fully stocked tea bar for you to enjoy.

Do you have any COVID amenities?
Yes we do. For each room we provide two pre-packaged masks and two pre-packaged hand sanitizer wipes. We also have hand sanitizer placed throughout the guest house.

About the House & Local Area

How many bedrooms & bathrooms does the guest house have?
The guest house has 4 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms.

The bedrooms include: 1 king room, 2 queen rooms and 1 full room.

The bathrooms include: 2 stand up showers only; 2 tub/shower combos.

How many square ft. is the guest house?
The guest house is a little over 3,000 sq. ft

How far is downtown Lee's Summit from the guest house? Is is walk-able?
Downtown Lee's Summit is a short 2 block walk from the guest house.  It is extremely walk-able and easy to get to.

How far are you from the Amtrak station? Can I walk?
We are only 4-5 blocks from the Amtrak station.  If you don't mind carrying your luggage, we are walk-able from the station.

What local attractions does Lee's Summit have?
Lee's Summit is a thriving community with several opportunities to eat, shop & play.

Please visit our local attractions page for all Lee's Summit has to offer! 

Is the house exclusively ours?
Yes.  When you rent the guest house, it is exclusively yours for up to 8 guests.

Do you have cameras onsite?
For guest safety, we have cameras on the full exterior of the home.  This also guarantees are no event policy and unauthorized usage of the bridal suite isn't occurring.

We do not have ANY cameras on the inside of the property.

How many parking spots does the guest house have?
The guest house can comfortably fit up to four cars in the driveway.  Please do not park in neighboring business lots or you might be towed at your expense.

Do you have a VCR or DVD player onsite?
No, we do not have a VCR player or DVD onsite.  

Where is the Lee's Summit Tourism Page?
The Lee's Summit Tourism page is located HERE

Where can I find information on downtown Lee's Summit?
You can find information HERE

Can I rent an individual room?
No.  You must rent the whole house for your getaway!

How do I check in?
We have a convenient key-less entry for check in.  We send detailed check in instructions a few days before you stay.

Wedding Packages

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding package?
Our weekends book quickly at the guest house.  We highly recommend you book wedding packages at least a year prior to your date.

However, please check our calendar for availability because there are exceptions.

May I use the bridal suite if we don't stay overnight?
We have a "bridal suite" day package that doesn't require an overnight stay.  For information on our wedding packages, please click here

Do I have to book a wedding package to use the bridal suite?
Yes.  Our bridal suite is exclusively for wedding packages only.  It is a separate room in the house with mirrors, a makeup bar and several outlets.

You cannot rent the guest house (standard rates) and use the bridal suite.  

Do you provide discounts on wedding packages?
We do not provide discounts on wedding packages.

However, we do have specials during low season (January, February & March).  

What is in the bridal suite?
The bridal suite is a separate room only used for bridal hair & makeup.  It has a long makeup bar, mirrors, several outlets and multiple hooks to hang dresses.  

Hair and makeup artists absolutely love our space and so our wedding parties! 

How many people can fit in your bridal suite?
The bridal suite can hold 6 people comfortably.   However, all our wedding packages also include full use of our spacious main-floor.  The rest of your party can comfortably sit in our living room, dining room, kitchen and deck  (weather permitting). 

Can I invite my photographer onsite to take pictures?
You are welcome to invite your photographer onsite to capture pictures of your big day.  

Can I check in early?
All our wedding packages include an early check in.  We allow our wedding parties to check in at 1:00 p.m. (standard guests are 3:00 p.m.)

Is there an onsite staff person to help?
An onsite staff person is there to support all wedding packages.

They can handle any questions you have about the property, help take pictures and check in with guests.

Can we bring in our own alcohol, food & drinks?
Yes, you may bring in your own alcohol, food and drinks.  Please make arrangements with staff if you have large items or require a significant amount of refrigerator space.

Do you have weddings onsite?
We do not host weddings onsite anymore.  We specialize in your get ready moments only. 

Do you have to use your wedding vendors?
No.  You have the freedom to select your own wedding vendors and we have no restrictions.

However, if you want recommendations we have several vendors we trust & love.


Do you have different policies during COVID 19?
COVID 19 has been extremely difficult for everyone. We know it's hard to make travel plans.

We still enforce our standard cancellation policies (for reservations made after April 1, 2020).

Do you have different cleaning practices?

We've always been slight neat freaks.  However, we spend more time wiping down high touch surfaces in-between stays and following CDC guidelines.

Does your staff practice social distancing?
GUEST HOUSE STAYS: During guest house stays there are no staff onsite.  However, if something comes up and you need staff support, we will follow recommended social distancing practices and wear a face mask for your safety.

WEDDING PACKAGES OR EVENTS: If you have an onsite staff person for a wedding package or onsite event, they will practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Do you provide any special amenities during COVID?
We want to make your experience of traveling during COVID as safe as possible. We provide the following in each room: 2 pre-packaged face masks and 2 pre-packaged sanitizer wipes. We also have hand sanitizer on property for you to use as well.

Is my guest house rental private?
Yes. Your guest house rental is private. No one will enter the home during your stay unless you need staff support. If staff are required to enter, they will wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Do you have a detailed COVID plan I can view?
Yes. We take our COVID practices very seriously. Our detailed COVID plan is taped to the back sliding glass doors. If you have specific questions, we are always happy to answer them!

Do you "rest" the guest house in between stays?
We do not rest the guest house in-between private stays. However, we practice strict CDC guidelines around cleaning and have a detailed COVID plan taped to our sliding glass doors. 

Gift Cards

Can I purchase a gift card online?
Yes, you can purchase a gift card online HERE

How long are your gift cards valid?
Gift cards are valid for up to a year after your purchase.

Can you mail me a gift card?
Yes, we are happy to mail you a gift card.  When purchasing your gift card online, please designate that.

Can I purchase an e-gift card?
Yes, you can purchase an e-gift card here

My gift card expired, can I still use it?
No.  Gift card purchases must occur a year after purchase.

Staff Support Onsite

Do you have a front desk staff?
No, we do not have a front desk staff at the guest house.

If you need to make a reservation visit HERE

I have a question about the guest house, where do I go?
Visit our FAQS

E-mail us at

Call  us at
816-226-7405 (please note: we do NOT have a front desk staff and calls may take up to 24 hours to return)

Text us at

Can someone meet me on property when I check in?
The guest house has a convenient key-less entry for self-check in.  We do not meet guests on property for check in. However, we are available over the phone if you have absolutely any questions during your stay.

I have a question I need answered quickly. What's the fastest way to get a response?
Please text us at:

Do you provide house-keeping during our stay?
We do not provide house keeping during your stay. The guest house will be cleaned and beautiful when you check in.

Do you provide staff during wedding parties and events?
Yes, all our our wedding parties and events include one staff member onsite.


How many people can your venue hold?
Our venue comfortably holds your intimate gatherings up to 35 people.

How much does it cost to host an event?
You can access event pricing here

Can we bring in our own food and alcohol?
Yes you may bring in your own food and alcohol.  We do have catering partnerships if you would like recommendations.

Does our event rental include Browning staff to help?
Yes!  We think it's important to have Browning staff onsite to help you.  We provide 1 staff person to help with all the important event logistics.

Can we use your kitchen?
Absolutely!  You can use our kitchen to prepare food items, store cold beverages and warm up items.

Does the event rental include your outdoor patio space?
Yes.  If the weather permits, you are welcome to use our outdoor patio space and deck.

Can we put up decorations?
Absolutely.  Our space is stunning and seasonally decorated so decor needs are often minimal.  Our event staff is there to support you with putting up decor and making the space beautiful.

How do I secure an event date?
A 50% deposit of the event rental is due to reserve your date.  The deposit is refundable three months prior to your date. If you cancel less than 7 days before your event, we will take the full value of your event rental.

Where do people park?

Parking at the Historic Browning can get tight during events. Therefore, we have secured parking for you a couple blocks away at Bridge Space (210 SW Market Street). This building looks like an old post office (because it was). You can enter this parking lot at the intersection of Jefferson and 3rd Street). 

Please do not park in neighboring business lots or you might be towed. If you have questions about event parking, there is a staff person onsite at the Browning to assist you.

You cannot park on the street (3rd Street) in front of the Browning. This is a main road and your car will be towed. 

Please do not allow guests to park over the sidewalk area in the driveway as the police will come and require you move vehicles in the driveway

How many hours does my event rental include?
Your event rental includes 4 hours total. If you want more than 4 hours, it is $75 an hour outside that window and is also based on availability.

Does setup and clean up count towards my event rental?
Yes, setup and cleanup are included in your 4 hour event rental. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early or late departures on the event day. We typically have people waiting to use the guest house. If your event needs additional hours, it is $75 an hour to use the space. You must let us know prior to your event if you need additional time.

Do we have to setup and clean up our event?
Yes. Browning staff will be available to help you set-up and clean up after your event. The Browning staff does the majority of clean up. Typical events take 30 minutes to clean up.

Can we extend our event rental outside the 4 hour period?
Yes you absolutely can! Each additional hour is $75.

What areas of the house are included in my rental?
Your event rental includes the entire main floor of the Historic Browning: Living room, dining room, kitchen,  kitchen nook, main floor bathroom, 1 main floor bedroom (for coats/purses), bridal suite, deck and patio space. There will be NO other guests onsite during your event. We just ask that no one uses the second floor during your rental time as we need to keep it clean for arriving guests after your event.

Are children allowed at events?
Yes children are allowed at events.  However, please be respectful of our space with little ones. Please do not allow children to run in hallways, rough house in rooms,etc. We have lots of decor items in our guesthouse that aren’t toddler and child proof. Please watch your little ones carefully. Our event staff person is not a babysitter for unattended children and this is not a responsibility of our staff.

Is coffee, tea and water included in my event rental fee?
Yes. We provide coffee, water and tea for all events as part of the event rental price.

Do you have a TV located in any gathering space at the Browning?
Unfortunately, we do NOT have a TV in a main area. The only TV on the main floor is in our queen room and it is a 40 inch smart TV.

Can we move furniture and decor items?
Browning event staff can help you move furniture and decor within reason. We cannot move large items like our sofas.

Do you have event items we can rent?
We have event items you are welcome to use at the Browning. We have a full inventory list we are happy to provide you. Event rental items DO cost money to rent. Please see our full list below of items and their cost. Please note: If you break event items during your stay, please let the onsite staff person know. We certainly understand accidents happen, but it’s important to notify staff.

Is your space wheel-chair accessible?
Our guest house is not wheelchair accessible. We have four steps guests will have to climb to enter through the main entrance. If you are hosting an event where you need accommodations, we are happy to provide other venues we trust that will better meet your needs.

Do you have speakers onsite?
We do not have speakers onsite to play music. Most guests bring in their own bluetooth speakers to play music for events.

Do you have vendors you recommend for events?

Yes, here is a full list of vendor recommendations. These vendors have partnered with us at the Historic Browning and have proven they are exceptional at what they do. Please mention we referred you!


Neighborhood Cafe Gourmet Catering

Farfalle Bistro

Scrape the Plate Catering


Bake My Day 

Blue Thistle Cakes

Incrediboll Cakes

Scratch Bakery

Nothing Bundt Cakes


Cookie Hustle

Oh My Golly Cookies

Cookie Jar Bakery


Cupcake A La Mode


Suzanne Fryer Photography

Lillian R. Photography

A Moment in Time Photography

Hunter Nicole Photography

Freeland Photography

Makeup Artists:

Copper Canyon Salon

Danny Jo Makeup Artistry

Blush and Glow KC

Tent Rental:

Big T Rental (largest tent at the Browning was 20 X40)


Bel Fiore Farm and Floral

All A Bloom Florists

Event Planners:

Quintessential Events Kansas City

T.D Event Coordinator

Pretty and Planned

Other Event Rental Items:

Ultrapom Event Rental

Do you meet with me to discuss my event?
All our event rentals include a 1 hour event planning session. During this session, we will discuss all your important event details.

Are there stairs people must use to enter the guest house?
Yes, there are four stairs people must climb to enter the guest house. 

Guest House

202 SW 3rd Street
Lees Summit, MO 64063


At the Historic Browning, we believe your hospitality options should delight and surprise you.  This is why we are obsessed with creating a guest experience that rivals your most memorable travel moments.   We like to describe ourselves as part boutique hotel/part home.  Our professionally designed space provides inspiration seasonally with all the comforts of home.